Tips to Avoid Twitter From Asking Phone Verification

Are you looking for ways to avoid phone verification on Twitter? This can be a frustrating process, especially if you have purchased Twitter accounts and don't have access to the phone number associated with the account. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to this problem.

One effective way to avoid phone verification is to remove the phone number from the account. TweetAttacksPro, a popular Twitter marketing tool, has a feature that allows users to easily delete phone numbers associated with Twitter accounts.

However, removing the phone number is only part of the solution. Twitter may still ask you to add a phone number in the future, which can be a challenge if you don't have access to multiple phone numbers. Fortunately, TweetAttacksPro also has an automatic function to bind new phone number and verifiy phone numbers that uses SMS API keys to obtain affordable and useful phone numbers and verification codes. This process can be completed in just a few minutes for several hundred accounts.

After a couple of days, you can remove the phone number again to avoid any future verification issues. With TweetAttacksPro, you can avoid the hassle of phone verification and easily manage multiple Twitter accounts. Give it a try today!